Investing in over 55’s retirement homes

All investors can purchase a strata titled over 55’s retirement home. You will be guaranteed a mature tenant. The rules for a registered over 55’s property, usually require one occupier to be over 55 years of age. So for example the family can buy a home for their parents to live in. Always check... Read More

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How to make dollars in a quiet market

Buy the worst home in the best street – sometimes this takes years to find but you could be lucky.  Buying a home with good bones – in one of the cheaper streets in the suburb follows on from this truism.We are going to focus on a 30 year old couple who want to upgrade from their first... Read More

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The secret to buying a good Investment Property.

Did you know that around 50% of the homes in Perth are strata titled?Unless you’ve lived in, or owned, one before there is a good chance you won’t know how a strata company operates and how that affects you when investing.A good strata group or complex should be well managed by a strata... Read More

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Buying a property doesn’t have to be stressful!

Buyers AgentThe property market can be difficult to navigate, that’s why you need Harveys Real Estate to guide you in your decision so the property you do purchase performs in the long run.As seasoned Buying Agents, we can use our extensive market knowledge and two decades experience to help you... Read More

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